Highlights from beta days.

After a busy week improving the beta we surpassed more than a hundred tokens minted in Aura, with almost seventy artists joining and three art galleries already working their material. Tomorrow we should be deploying secondary market. But…

Today I want to mention just a few of the recent artworks that have been minted on our platform. So many artists and so much talent going around. It’s an honor to work with them and I feel really lucky.

Hysteria by Extrablood — 2021 — AI — Edition of 5

I want to start talking about Extrablood genesis work on Aura. Art has a need to be shocking, this 27 second nightmarish loop starts with a high pitch sound displaying grotesque and deformed faces by an AI. After a couple of seconds we start to hear some female laughs. Hysteria is a piece referring to the hallucination of repressed content, cloistered emotions that ignore the freedom of pleasure, a tension that sustains desire like a delirious illusion.” the artist says in the description of the work.

Tecno desert by Nicolás Guardiola — 2021 — Digital animated painting — 1/1

Second I feel the need to mention Tecno Desert from Nico Guardiola. Since the beggining of this project I felt one of our dutys was spreading the word to physical artists about this new medium and how it could empower them. We bought three wacoms to share with some artists so they could comforably create their art. I was a witness to Nico’s process of making his first digital animated painting, his first NFT. Being a big fan of his work from before NFTs and seeing him diving deep into the digital and learning how to animate was fascinating. Tecno Desert is truly a gem and it’s the result of a longexperimentation by the artist.

Impossível Esplendor by Encodesgem — 2021–3D Render — 1/1

Now, what happens when abstract expressionism meets transhumanism in the digital era? Impossível Esplendor from Encodesgem is a clear example of that, autodidact as it gets, he has learned a lot of this craft due to his father being an painter. Since young he was in contact with the smell of oil and now the influence in his work is clearly visible. The process of Enco’s work is very reach, his first step is painting, real painting where he creates abstract compositions. After that he scans the painting and utilizes it as texture for the renders. The journey is very personal and the result in this work is pure raw emotions expressed through colors and organic shapes.

GARO00001 by Carpaneto aka Garo — 2021 — AI — 1/1

It’s also worth mentioning the genesis NFT of visual artist Martin Carpaneto aka “Arpanet” aka “Garo”. GARO00001 is a 33 second animated video and the first animated fantasy in this series of works. A wild ride, adistorted collage of anime characters clustered in the depths of AI infinit dungeons.

Carpaneto was born in Buenos Aires on 1984. He studied a degree in visual arts at IUNA, Buenos Aires and a teaching career in drawing . Martin has been working with AI and digital techniques for many years, now he finally drops his first works for Aura. We are glad he choose to show his production with us.

Last but not least I want to mention three more works, the first one from italian visual artist and collage maker Fringuo , his genesis NFT called Vicious Circle digs deep into me. The second is Ancient Lust by brazilian performer Yanhiga and the last one is another genesis NFT called Elétrico, minted by brazilian digital artists Cafezin.

Viciuous circle by Fringuo — 2021 — Digital collage — 1/1
Ancient lust by Yanhiga — 2021 — Performance — 1/1
Elétrico by Cafezin — 2021–3D Render — 1/1

That’s a wrap for this week highlights, stay tuned to our social networks or discord and hear more from our launch very very soon. Looking forward to what’s coming!

Thanks for reading.





A curated NFT platform. A virtual space for artists, art galleries, curators and collectors. | Join us: https://aura.art

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A curated NFT platform. A virtual space for artists, art galleries, curators and collectors. | Join us: https://aura.art

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