From optical illusion to simulation

Aura presents its first exhibition of digital grandmaster Eduardo Pla containing a selection of unique and historic digital pieces, now tokenized.

The Fighter by Eduardo Pla — 1997– 3D Render — 1/1

“From Optical Illusion to Simulation” will be dropping October the 4th and consists of four works from different periods, stretching from 1992 to 2012. This selection was made together with Espacio Pla and curator Merlina Rañi, aiming to provide an account of the search and obsessions that were the features of his artistic practice through time.

Op art, the references to futurism, the experimentation with new technologies and the employment of technique as a tool to conquer new constructive fields traverse this exhibition.
From optical illusion to simulation endeavors to enable a different kind of circulation, for the pieces to be appreciated in the same way they were conceived, virtually.

Detail of Depero Virtual by Eduardo Pla — 1992 — Animation — 1/1

Eduardo Pla was born in Buenos Aires in 1952. He spent most of his life between Europe and the United States before settling definitely in Argentina in 1966. His educational background includes architecture, audiovisual communication, design and urban planning, which enabled him to articulate multiple languages. A forerunner in the adoption of electronic systems, he received the Excellence Award in Computer Art (1988, New York, USA).

The Aura Team



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