Accomodations of desires

In Oblinof, a particular kind of meditative practice comes into play. Traversed by authors like John Lilly, Terrance McKenna and Carl Jung, tarot readings and practices related to the knowledge of plants in general, his images tend to be imbued with juxtaposed elements that vibrate into a fine pastiche.

Interstellar Guidance by Oblinof

Interstellar Guidance presents us, as a friend once well said regarding a checkered board at an art gallery, an “eighties masonry”. A road flanked by cybernetic lions, remembers the Lion’s Gate, the main entrance to the citadel of Mycenae. Or, the gate of Hattusa, the capital of the Hittite empire. Behind, the road is girded by the horns of unicorns on a checkered board (even though they could also be anal plugs). We can find these two animals in the coat of arms of the United Kingdom, as well as in the 7th chapter of Through the looking glass: The Lion and the Unicorn. At the end of the road, a door with the symbols of the moon and the sun takes us straight to the Tiwanaku culture. In the ancient city, the moon door is the entrance to the cemetery. Here, both symbols are joined in front of a structure conformed by inverted and upright pyramids, flanked by another two pyramids. The triangles formed by the ascending diagonals represent the creative and active principle, the descending diagonals that form descending triangles represent the receptive container principle. The union of these two principles is known as “the Star of David.” On Hiperreal and Resh 200 there are elements that repeat themselves. The play of light or auras; the facing pairs or the law of reflection, with some variations; and of course the checkerboard. Sequentially, these elements seem to be developing a sort of mathematical formula, you alter the order you alter the result, new elements, new variations. It also induces the rock law that allows the architecture of that space to be at all, in spite of all.

Hyp3rreal by Oblinof

The New Athletics is a book Oblinof brought during our encounter. After I spent lots of time with it, scrolling and pausing. Strangely it took me back to Schopenhauer, a philosopher I was very kin some years ago. For him, every object is in conflict with every other object through their representations, for their will to triumph over other wills. It’s through this description of representation and will as fundamental metaphysical forces of manifestation and substantiation of existence that Schopenhauer provides a means of characterizing all phenomena in a way that gives each a sense of uniqueness, presence, and purpose. Each peace is autonomous and self-determining. I find it interesting to think of each image produced by Oblinof as a sinister resonance of this theory, since every element involved seamos to be in collision with the one that is beside him, behind him, above him. They harmonize in the whole by tension.

I believe in the permeation of all disciplines to enable us to expand our repertoire of forms, Oblinof also produces music, it’s easy to see how it isufflates its visual world and vise versa.

When I listen to it, I feel something could easily be explained by: picture yourself out on the grass, suddenly an insect lands on your breasts, then another on your elbow, another on your toe, another on your nose, another on your eyelid. The procedure continues until you are completely covered in insects, in trance.

Lucia Nielsen

Resh-200 by Oblinof



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